Flying henhouse

logo Basilisk

Here is an application of Basilisk based on a funny news item: a large henhouse took off on January 1st 2018 during the Carmen storm, which blew at more than 100 km/h in Brittany (inland). The henhouse (and the chicken!) landed on a four-lane highway:


Subversion logo
To support its IT development activities, EIF-services operates a Subversion server to which customers may get a private access, allowing them to measure in real time the progress accomplished, and also check that it does fit the specifications.


yatish help window
Yatish is a desktop time tracking application for freelancers and homeworkers; it is an advantageous alternative to classic spreadsheet-made time sheets. Yatish allows in particular to justify the time spent for a client, or for an employee to control her/his (tele)work time.