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Although EIF-services is not and will never be a web agency, it is worth mentioning a non-profit hobby project developed here: it is 100% front-end (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and allows one to manage a website for publishing gpx tracks. Thus as mentioned elsewhere, EIF-services is "web aware" although not a pure web player.

From Ciaran to Carmen

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The recent passage of storm Ciaran broke several wind records in Brittany (it was in the night of Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd, November 2023). This reminded us of an earlier study about storm Carmen, re-published here.
The next step will be for EIF-services to develop high-performance computing capabilities, presumably in the cloud using AWS for example.

Yatish V0.4

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Version 0.4 of YATiSh is released! New features:

  • Data vizualisation using wxMathPlot, wxFreeChart or wxCharts (user's choice, hot-pluggable), providing various aggregates and clusters: see the new Charts panel.
  • Context menu on activity listing.
  • And of course: updated GUI translation (Poedit), code documentation (Doxygen) and user help (HelpBlocks).

Checkout our updated YATiSh report.

Drupal 10

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The new version of is now operational!

A new Drupal 10 installation was preferred over an attempt to migrate the old site from Drupal 7. After a learning phase in a homemade "sandbox", where various modules and themes were also tested, the installation/configuration procedure has been repeated on the server you are currently visiting. Then a few nuts were tightened (in a sub-theme), and finally a backup procedure was scripted.

Subversion on VPS

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The EIF-services web server is running on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosted by Nuxit, but our Subversion server is currently implemented on a local network PC (port forwarded to the Internet, though).

In order to provide a better availability of the Subversion server by EIF-services, it is being migrated to our Nuxit VPS.