Why EIF-services ?

Following intense work periods as a (i) researcher, (ii) engineer and (iii) teacher, gratifying experiences to each of which I devoted 100% of my energy during 5 to 10 years, time has now come to test various ideas upon which I sort of stumbled during those years, ideas that I had nevertheless to lay aside due to day-to-day assignments in the various companies/agencies I worked for. Hence the wish to "make it happen" as a freelancer/consultant, should it be at part-time to start with.

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EIF-services is based in France and operates under an umbrella company, which is a convenient way to provide consultancy services in any country (using the English language, however). EIF-services has chosen Cadres En Mission. It is worth mentioning that Cadres En Mission is also a network, meaning that EIF-services can call upon the services of other consultants if your need extends beyond its scope.

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