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EIF-services is now running its own Moodle server. However this is only a testing facility so far, allowing us to compare Moodle with other tools already operated by EIF-services, namely:

  • DokuWiki: note that using a wiki gets no red mark according to this guide, including a green one with respect to Bloom's taxonomy; this is consistent with the intended use of our pedagogical wiki and can thus be achieved inside Moodle also.
  •  SACoche: Moodle seems to be keen on competency-based education; we will see if competency frameworks and evaluation procedures are as cleanly defined as in SACoche.

Switching to Moodle as a all-in-one system kind of gives up the Unix philosophy (extended), that is (i) use programs that do one thing and do it well and (ii) make them work together (e.g. this table). Hence it remains to be seen if a teacher's productivity improves by using such a comprehensive and sophisticated system as Moodle... the thriving international user base of this free software is a hint, however.